Chiropractic treatment has been used to successfully treat conditions such as fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, sciatica pain, colic in babies, scoliosis, chronic ear infections, bone degeneration, and headaches, among others.

holistic healthcare

Intricate relationships exist between the brain and the spinal cord to origins of dysfunction. These dysfunctions can be caused by stress, toxicity, injury, and diet. When a dysfunction occurs in the body, the natural flow of energy is interrupted. This can lead to other symptoms if left untreated. Therefore, it is important to treat the “whole person” and not just a particular symptom. Dr. Mayfield treats dysfunctions with specific chiropractic adjustments, whole food supplements, lifestyle changes, and other therapies.

low-force technique

Dr. Mayfield is a family oriented chiropractor known for his gentle and intuitive approach. He has been treating generations of families for years.  When making adjustments, Dr. Mayfield believes it is not always necessary to cause more pain in order to feel relief. Based on your stage in life, Dr. Mayfield varies his techniques to ensure that you receive treatment that is appropriate for your condition.  For this reason, chiropractic treatment is completely safe for the elderly, children, and women who are pregnant.

nutritional support

Dr. Mayfield is a certified nutritionist who can advise you on what to eat in order to lead a healthy lifestyle or achieve a specific health-related goal. Mayfield Chiropractic Wellness Centre also offers a variety of high-quality whole food supplements from reputable manufacturers including Standard Process and NutriDyn.


This ancient healing art focuses on using pressure points to release muscular tension and promote blood circulation, thereby allowing the body to deeply relax. Before Dr. Mayfield does an adjustment, he uses specific pressure points in the body to release the tension. After the muscles have relaxed, he is able to apply less force and still effectively adjust the spine or extremities.

applied kinesiology

With over 20 years experience, Dr. Mayfield uses this testing method as a practical and reliable diagnostic tool to analyze the body’s structural, physical, and nutritional needs. Dr. Mayfield tests the muscles’ reflexes to develop a picture of the body as a “holistic triad” composed of structure, chemistry, and mentality. With this information, the root causes of health problems can be pinpointed, even in their early stages. This is a wonderful preventative technique because it detects problematic areas in the body and corrects them before a serious condition develops.

Generic, off-the-shelf inserts risk worsening your symptoms because they address only general conditions, and with questionable results. Your feet are as unique as your fingerprints. Only Foot Levelers custom-made orthotics are built specifically to meet your individual feet, body and health needs. This helps to achieve a balanced foundation an stabilized pelvis. The scan takes just a few minutes and no appointment is necessary. 

Not just for accidents and serious conditions...

More and more people are seeking chiropractic treatment as a way to prevent future problems and maintain optimum spinal health. By scheduling regular visits, Dr. Mayfield can check your spine for fixations or misalignment and make any needed adjustments. Mild misalignments are often painless, but can lead to increased difficulties if left untreated. 

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